Papa Murphy’s Senior Discounts in 2024

Papa Murphy’s, renowned for its unique take-and-bake pizza model, has established itself as a beloved choice among pizza enthusiasts seeking fresh, customizable options they can cook at home. This innovative approach allows customers to enjoy piping-hot pizza, exactly to their liking, straight from their own ovens. Within this context, discounts emerge as a valuable perk, underlining Papa Murphy’s commitment to appreciating and valuing its senior customers. As we explore the specifics of senior discounts at Papa Murphy’s, it’s essential to understand the variability and availability of these discounts across different locations and how they contribute to making Papa Murphy’s a more accessible option for senior patrons.

About Senior Discounts at Papa Murphy’s

Senior discounts, a token of appreciation and acknowledgment towards the older segment of the customer base, vary widely in the retail and dining sectors. They are a way for businesses to offer value back to seniors, often providing a percentage off or fixed dollar amount savings. At Papa Murphy’s, the approach to discounts reflects a localized strategy. While not universally offered across all locations, many Papa Murphy’s stores do cater to seniors with discounts that significantly enhance affordability. These discounts, including 20 percent off in-store orders or $3 off a single pizza for customers aged 60 and up, demonstrate Papa Murphy’s flexibility and attentiveness to senior customers’ needs.

Moreover, Papa Murphy’s extends its appreciation beyond seniors to include military members, offering them 20 percent off in-store orders as a gesture of gratitude for their service. This inclusive approach to discounts showcases Papa Murphy’s commitment to serving and honoring different customer segments within the community.

Papa Murphy’s Discount Policies

Papa Murphy’s, known for its fresh, take-and-bake pizzas, implements a variety of discount policies to accommodate a broad customer base. These policies are designed to offer value while maintaining the quality that Papa Murphy’s is known for. While the chain does not have a universal senior discount policy applicable at all locations, many individual stores offer special discounts for seniors. These discounts typically include offers such as 20% off an in-store purchase or $3 off any pizza for customers aged 60 and above. Additionally, Papa Murphy honors military members with a 20% discount on in-store orders upon presenting valid military identification.

As of 2024, Papa Murphy’s offers senior discounts at some locations, but the availability of senior discounts is subject to local store policy, which means the offers can vary significantly from one location to another. There are no company-wide promotions specifically targeted at seniors, so it is essential for senior customers to inquire directly at their local Papa Murphy’s store about any available senior discounts.

How Seniors Can Access Discounts at Papa Murphy’s

For seniors looking to enjoy Papa Murphy’s pizzas at a discount, following these steps can help ensure they access any available offers effectively:

  1. Inquire Locally: Before placing an order, seniors should contact their local Papa Murphy’s store to ask about available senior discounts. Since these discounts vary by location, a quick phone call can provide the most accurate information.
  2. Provide Identification: If a local store offers a senior discount, be prepared to show proof of age, such as a driver’s license or other government-issued ID, when ordering in-store to receive the discount.
  3. Ordering Time: Discounts may be more readily available during non-peak hours. Consider ordering early in the day or on specific days of the week when business is slower, as some stores may offer special discounts during these times.
  4. Combine Discounts: While Papa Murphy’s may not allow the stacking of multiple discounts on a single order, seniors can maximize savings by staying informed about other store promotions or app-exclusive deals. Utilizing the Papa Murphy’s app can provide access to broader savings beyond senior discounts, such as percentage discounts on larger orders or promotional combos.
  5. Sign Up for Deals: Seniors should consider downloading the Papa Murphy’s app and signing up for email or text alerts to stay updated on the latest deals, which can sometimes offer greater savings than senior discounts alone.

By following these steps and staying proactive about seeking out savings, seniors can enjoy Papa Murphy’s fresh, customizable pizzas and other menu items at a more affordable price point, enhancing their dining experience.

Comparing Papa Murphy’s Discounts with Other Pizza Chains

Papa Murphy’s unique take-and-bake approach sets it apart from other pizza chains, not just in how the pizza is prepared but also in how discounts, including those for seniors, are offered. While some pizza chains provide discounts across all locations, Papa Murphy’s discounts are more localized, offering variability that can sometimes work in the customer’s favor. For instance, seniors can enjoy 20 percent off an in-store purchase or $3 off any pizza at certain locations, a competitive edge in the market. This flexibility allows Papa Murphy’s to cater to the community’s needs directly, providing a personalized value proposition that may outshine the more generic offers from other chains.

How To Maximize Savings at Papa Murphy’s for Seniors

Seniors looking to stretch their dollars further at Papa Murphy’s have several strategies at their disposal beyond the potential senior discounts offered at some locations. Here are a few tips to ensure you’re getting the best deal on your next pizza:

  • Join the Papa Murphy’s eClub: By signing up for the eClub, seniors can receive exclusive offers and promotions directly to their email. These deals often include discounts on pizzas, sides, and sometimes even free items with purchase.
  • Subscribe to SMS Text Deals: For instant access to savings, seniors can opt to receive SMS text deals from Papa Murphy’s. These text alerts often contain time-sensitive offers that can lead to significant savings.
  • Take Advantage of Daily Specials: Many Papa Murphy’s locations offer daily specials that can provide great value. These specials can include discounts on specific pizza sizes or combos that bundle pizzas with sides and drinks for a lower price.
  • Use the Papa Murphy’s App: The app not only makes ordering convenient but also occasionally offers app-exclusive discounts. Keeping the app on your phone ensures you won’t miss out on any special promotions.

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Senior discounts at Papa Murphy’s, where available, represent a valuable opportunity for seniors to enjoy their favorite pizzas at a more affordable price. These discounts underscore Papa Murphy’s commitment to serving and appreciating all segments of their customer base, including the senior community. While the availability of these discounts may vary by location, the variety of ways to save at Papa Murphy’s ensures that seniors can always find value in their purchases.

Seniors are encouraged to inquire about available discounts at their local Papa Murphy’s store and to take advantage of the eClub and SMS text deals for exclusive offers. By staying informed and proactive, seniors can maximize their savings and continue to enjoy the unique take-and-bake experience that Papa Murphy’s offers. Whether it’s through a senior discount, daily specials, or exclusive eClub offers, there’s always a way to make your next Papa Murphy’s order both delicious and economical. 


What are the eligibility criteria for senior discounts at Papa Murphy’s?

The eligibility criteria for senior discounts at Papa Murphy’s typically include being aged 60 and up. However, it’s important to note that these discounts vary by location and are not universally applied across all stores.

How much discount can seniors expect at participating Papa Murphy’s locations?

Senior discounts at Papa Murphy’s can range from 20 percent off an in-store purchase to $3 off any pizza. The exact discount may vary based on location and the discretion of the store management.

Are senior discounts at Papa Murphy’s available at all locations?

No, senior discounts at Papa Murphy’s are not available at all locations. It’s recommended that seniors contact their local Papa Murphy’s directly to inquire about available discounts.

Are there any limitations or restrictions on using senior discounts at Papa Murphy’s?

Yes, there may be limitations or restrictions, such as the discount not being valid with other offers or promotions. Additionally, the availability of senior discounts may be restricted to certain days of the week or times of the day. It’s advisable to check with your local store for specific details.

Can seniors use their discount for online orders at Papa Murphy’s?

The availability of senior discounts for online orders may vary by location. Seniors are encouraged to check with their local Papa Murphy’s to see if online discount application is possible and to inquire about the process for doing so.

Do seniors need to sign up for a membership to access discounts at Papa Murphy’s?

Generally, there is no membership required to access senior discounts at Papa Murphy’s. However, presenting a valid ID for age verification might be necessary at the point of purchase in-store.

Will Papa Murphy’s notify customers if senior discounts become available at their location?

Papa Murphy’s may not proactively notify customers of senior discounts unless you’re signed up for their marketing communications or app notifications. It’s a good practice for seniors to inquire directly at their local store or periodically check the Papa Murphy’s app for any new discount announcements.

Are there any specific pizzas or menu items that the senior discount does not apply to at Papa Murphy’s?

Senior discounts typically apply to the entire menu; however, exclusions may apply depending on the store’s policy or current promotions. Confirm with your local Papa Murphy’s to ensure the items you wish to purchase are eligible for the senior discount.

How often can seniors avail themselves of the discount at Papa Murphy’s?

There’s usually no limit to how often seniors can use their discount as long as they meet the eligibility criteria each time. Still, policies can vary by location, so it’s advisable to check with your local Papa Murphy’s.

 Does Papa Murphy’s offer a senior discount to customers under 60 if they’re AARP members?

Papa Murphy’s senior discount typically starts at age 60 and up, and there’s no indication that AARP membership grants eligibility for those under 60. Nonetheless, individual store policies may vary, and it doesn’t hurt to ask your local store if they offer any special discounts for AARP members.

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