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  1. Thank you for sharing your situation. We understand the challenges of finding affordable transportation options as a senior on a limited income. While Uber’s standard rates may not be ideal, they do offer discounts and programs for seniors and those with disabilities, such as Uber Assist, Uber WAV, and city/region-specific senior/disability discounts. You can find more information about Uber’s senior discounts in our post
    For your specific need of 4 to 6 rides from Hillandale to Fulton (to and fro) in Maryland, which is not serviced by MetroAccess, we will research potential solutions or connect you with appropriate resources in that area. Our community is here to support and guide you through these challenges.

  2. It seems like there’s a bit of confusion regarding the Senior Pass options. To clarify, the $20 option is for the Senior Annual Pass, which is only valid for one year. If you’re looking for a lifetime option, the Senior Lifetime Pass costs $80. This is a one-time purchase and is valid for your entire lifetime. While both passes provide access to participating federal sites without additional entry fees, it’s important to note that the $20 pass does not cover a lifetime, but only one year. To get lifetime coverage, you would need to purchase the $80 Senior Lifetime Pass. Check our National Parks Senior Discount page for more!

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