Walmart’s Military Discount Policy: What You Need to Know


Walmart is a leading retailer offering thousands of competitively priced products and services, with over 11,300 stores globally and a strong online presence. It gives first-rate discounts on famous brands, including Whirlpool, Michelin, Black Decker, Apple, Dell, and Reebok.

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It discounts famous brands, such as Whirlpool, Michelin, Black+Decker, Apple, Dell, and Reebok. In addition, Walmart owns Sam’s Club, Alls Well, Bare Necessities, Hayneedle, and VUDU.

Does Walmart Offer Military and Veteran Discounts?

Unfortunately, neither online nor in any of their shops does Walmart provide discounts to veterans or members of the armed forces, including on Veterans Day sales. Walmart also contributes in other ways; it employs 320,000 veterans and offers active and retired military personnel financial, medical, and social support.

What precisely does Walmart do to support veterans and active military personnel? Find out everything you need to know by reading on!

What Does Walmart Do For Veterans?

Walmart supports those who have served and their spouses greatly, even though they do not and have never granted discounts to veterans or members of the armed forces.

Walmart promised to hire 250,000 veterans as part of their Veteran’s Welcome Home Commitment, unveiled in 2013. They had hired more than 320,000 people as of November 2020.  

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In the future, Walmart intends to increase its support even further by:  

  • Extending healthcare access to veterans. 
  • Empowering seasoned company owners. 
  • Extending their initiatives for community assistance. 
  • Introducing its brand-new Find-A-Future Platform will allow veterans to assess their education, experience, and skill set. 

How Do Veterans Get Walmart Discounts?

While veterans and active military personnel do not receive a particular discount at Walmart, there are still methods for them to get things at a reduced cost. 

Walmart occasionally discounts veterans and service members on their reasonably priced merchandise in-store and online!

Veterans Get Walmart Discounts

Depending on the shop’s location and stock, in-store income will differ.

Additionally, in case you’re one of the thousands of veterans who work for Walmart, you can use the Walmart Discount Card to achieve their 10% employee discount.

While Walmart does not offer a military discount, they recently launched Walmart+, a membership program that provides the best of Walmart services in one package.

Members can save more than $1,300 annually compared to non-members, according to Walmart+.

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Walmart+ members can save up to $0.10 per gallon on petrol, receive free shipping with no minimum order amount, receive unique awards, and have early access to Black Friday bargains. It also offers free delivery from your store. Paramount+, one of the greatest ways to watch CBS Sports live, including NFL football, is also available to members.

Is There a Military Discount at Walmart on Veterans Day?

Walmart does not only not regularly give discounts to veterans and members of the armed forces, but it also does not hold a special Veterans Day deal. On the other hand, different specials can be available that day.

Other Ways to Save at Walmart

Walmart Discount Option #1 – Coupon Sites

Utilizing coupon websites is an additional method of cost savings.

Coupon-gathering websites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Slickdeals usually provide an extensive selection of online coupons and money-saving opportunities.

Savings range from as low as $10 on groceries to as much as 60% off of TVs, tablets, Apple Watches, and other products.

This is how to accomplish it the quickest:

Step 1: Go to the official Walmart website.

Step 2: Shop as usual.

Almost everything has a discount that you may take advantage of, including food, electronics, home appliances, apparel, and even cooking supplies.

Step 3: Choose a deal from Groupon.

When shopping at, head to this Walmart website and search for a coupon code that fits the items in your cart.

Let’s take an example where you intend to buy enough groceries for the entire week.

You can get $10 off your supermarket order of $50 or extra while you peek at the Groupon deals for ten seconds or much less.

To apply the coupon code, click the “See code” button, copy it, and paste it into the “Promo code” subject at checkout.

Because these coupons change frequently, you must check the Groupon link above before purchasing.

Walmart Discount Option #2: Online magazine promo codes

You might be surprised to learn that other websites offer promo codes and online discounts in addition to couponing websites.

Coupon codes are on websites like Business Insider and Wired, generally linked to online stories and journalism. Customers may use these codes to save money on any next online purchase or trip to Walmart.

These coupons are usually updated once a month, and these websites frequently compile deals and discounts that Walmart has already extended.

The store’s sales are frequently mentioned in these stories as well.

Even though there is nothing new to learn about these sales, having all this information about various discounts in one location is still helpful.

Walmart Discount Option #3 – Cashback sites

Some websites, like Rakuten, give users money back simply for utilizing their apps or plugins when they shop online.

These companies regularly partner with various companies, and their payback periods differ according to the kind of company.

To see the offers the cashback site has for a specific store, you must search for the store’s name and the cashback website.

For example, to find out what percentage of Walmart shoppers use the Ebates plugin to get their money back, all you have to do is search “Rakuten Walmart” and see what appears as the top results.

In this instance, utilizing Rakuten’s plugin to shop at Walmart earns you 5.0% cash back.

What is a cashback plugin?

A plugin is an application that installs itself into your web browser rather than your PC.

The plugin tracks the things you buy online and then calculates how much money should be reimbursed for utilizing the plugin.

There are no tricks or fees associated with the services or membership. The cashback incentive model is quite similar to a rebate. Still, instead of requiring you to take action to receive your money back—or potentially not receive it at all if you don’t follow the right procedures on time—the plugin calculates how much you will receive back on your behalf.

Installing a cashback plugin or app is simple. All you need to do is create a free account on the website of the cashback app of your choosing once you’ve arrived there. You will receive an installation prompt from the website either during or immediately after the signup procedure for the app or plugin.

A plugin installs directly into your browser; it works like downloading a file, but it ends up in your Downloads folder instead of the file.

When you click on it, the plugin will present you with savings-related information. It will notify you about its cashback percentage when you visit a website.

These websites supply these cashback benefits and offer details on frequent bargains and obscure promotions that Walmart runs.

Since customers can skip several websites to learn about sales, information like this is quite helpful.

Because they know upcoming deals and reductions, shoppers may also more precisely plan their next shopping trip.

Walmart Discount Option #4 – Periodic Sales

Walmart offers these promotions as sales to all of its consumers.

These sales are open to everyone. These sales usually correspond with a particular holiday or season; for example, Black Friday, back-to-school, Fourth of July, and Christmas are frequent.

These sales save you money and usually stack to get more than one discount on a single purchase.

You may maximize your savings and save even more money as a result.

You’ll save the most money possible if you make a detailed list of everything you want and do some calculations since you’ll know exactly what you need and which sales apply to you.

Walmart Discount Option #5 – Associate Discounts

Associates at Walmart receive incredible savings on regular products.

Last but not least—and this might seem obvious—Walmart associates receive significant discounts.

There is a section of Walmart’s website dedicated to online discount claims.

A Google search will quickly get you to the log in part, but you can also find the page here.

The purchase subtotal is usually reduced by 10% with this discount, and as Walmart’s inventory is constantly changing, the restrictions and exceptions to these reductions also fluctuate.

Finding more information on every item that might not qualify for your discount is crucial.

Before you check out, you should double-check clearance products, expensive electronics, and names that need to be known to take discounts.

There’s the Walmart Associate Discount Centre on top of these savings.

The employee-only portion of Walmart’s website serves as a central location for associates to receive exclusive discounts that aren’t available to the general public. Companies can use this center to provide Walmart employees-best discounts, sales, and promotions on their gadgets.

These savings are most effectively available to current Walmart personnel, who are the simplest ones who can take gain of them.

Walmart frequently arranged these agreements on behalf of the workers.

It’s crucial to clarify that these discounts apply to services and goods unavailable at Walmart.

The login screen allowing associates to access their funds may be seen here, along with more details on the program.


Veterans and active duty members do not qualify for in-store or online discounts at Walmart. Nonetheless, they actively provide a range of assistance packages to veterans, wives of military service members, and them. For instance, they committed to hiring over 250,000 veterans in 2013. In addition, they currently provide better access to community resources and healthcare. However, there are many options available to you across the US if you’re searching for retailers who mainly provide discounts to veterans and members of the armed forces.

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