30+ Senior Discounts at Retail Stores for 2024


In 2024, the concept of senior discounts continues to gain traction, reflecting a broader trend toward recognizing and valuing the contributions of the senior community, typically those aged 55 and above. These discounts are a reflection of the stores’ recognition of the spending power and loyalty of older customers, offering them the opportunity to save on purchases ranging from clothing and groceries to electronics and home goods. 

In an era where value and affordability are increasingly important, such discounts not only benefit seniors financially but also foster a sense of inclusivity and appreciation within the retail environment. As retailers adapt to the diverse needs of their customer base, senior discounts have become a key facet of customer engagement strategies, aiming to enhance the shopping experience for seniors in 2024 and beyond.

List of Top Retail Discounts for Seniors in 2024

Retail StoreDiscountEligibilityDiscount TypeDay/Condition
Ace Hardware10% offVeteran/Active MilitaryIn-store
AmazonDiscounted Prime ($6.99/mo)Govt Assistance ProgramsOnline
Auto Zone10% offVeteran/Active MilitaryIn-store
Banana Republic10-15% offVeteran/Active MilitaryIn-store
Bealls Outlet10% off50+In-storeTuesdays
15% off (1st Tuesday/month); 10-20% off for veterans62+ or Veteran/Active MilitaryIn-storeTuesdays
Bon-Ton Department Stores15% (20% w/ credit card); Military varies55+ or Veteran/Active MilitaryIn-storeSenior Discount Days
CVS20% off onlineVeterans Advantage CardOnline
Dressbarn10% off55+In-storeTuesdays or Wednesdays
Goodwill10-20% off55+In-storeVaries by location
Hallmark10% offVariesIn-storeVaries by location
Party CityUp to 15% offVeteran/Active MilitaryIn-storeVaries by location
Joann20% on Senior Day; 15% military60+ or Veteran/Active MilitaryIn-storeSenior Discount Day
Kohl’s15% off60+ or Veteran/Active MilitaryIn-storeWednesdays for seniors; Mondays for military
Lenscrafters50% off lenses; 30% off sunglasses; MoreAARP Member or Veteran/Active MilitaryIn-store
Macy’sVariesVeteran/Active MilitaryIn-store
Michael’s10% off; 15% military55+ or Veteran/Active MilitaryIn-store
Modell’s Sporting Goods10% off65+ or Veteran/Active MilitaryIn-store
Petsmart10% off purchases; More65+ or Veteran/Active Military/First ResponderIn-storeTuesdays for grooming; boarding varies
Ross10% off55+In-storeTuesdays
Salvation Army15-50% off; 25% military55+ or Veteran/Active MilitaryIn-storeVaries by location
Savers/Value VillageVaries55+ or Veteran/Active MilitaryIn-store
T.J. Maxx10% off55+In-storeFlorida only
UPS5% off shipping; 15% off productsAARP MemberIn-store/Online
Walgreens20% on Senior Day; 20% military55+, AARP Member, or Veteran/Active MilitaryIn-storeSenior Day once/month; patriotic holidays for military

Tips for Maximizing Retail Discounts in 2024

To ensure seniors receive the discounts they’re entitled to, it’s crucial to be proactive. Mention your eligibility at checkout, whether shopping in-store or online. Many stores may not automatically apply senior discounts unless requested. Additionally, signing up for loyalty programs can offer exclusive discounts, early access to sales, and accumulate points that can lead to further savings.

Seasonal and Promotional Senior Discounts

Seniors can significantly benefit from seasonal sales and promotions. Beyond the standard senior discounts, retailers often offer additional reductions during holiday seasons, end-of-season sales, and special promotional events. Keep an eye on such opportunities, especially for bigger purchases, as these discounts can be substantial.

Navigating Online and In-Store Senior Discounts

While in-store shopping allows for immediate verification and application of discounts, online shopping offers the convenience of comparing deals across multiple retailers quickly. Online stores may also offer exclusive discounts or digital coupons that can be applied at checkout. It’s worth exploring both options to determine which offers the best savings for a particular purchase.

Additional Savings Strategies

Beyond direct discounts, seniors should explore cashback offers and rewards credit cards, which can provide additional savings or cash back on purchases. Couponing, either through traditional methods or digital coupons, can also stack with senior discounts for increased savings. These strategies require some research and organization but can lead to significant reductions in overall spending.

Moreover, the art of couponing has evolved with technology, making digital coupons readily accessible through apps and websites, alongside traditional paper coupons. Websites like Coupons.com and RetailMeNot offer a wide array of digital coupons that can be used for online or in-store purchases, allowing seniors to stack these coupons on top of existing discounts. This strategy not only maximizes savings but also introduces the flexibility of accessing and organizing coupons from digital devices.

Additionally, shopping portals and cashback apps such as Rakuten and Honey provide another layer of savings. By making purchases through these platforms, seniors can receive a percentage of their purchases back in the form of cashback. These platforms often feature special deals and increased cashback rates during holiday seasons or promotional events, further enhancing the potential for savings.

Engaging in these additional savings strategies does require some initial research and ongoing organization to ensure that seniors are making the most out of every purchase. However, the financial benefits of combining direct discounts with cashback opportunities, rewards from credit cards, and couponing can significantly reduce overall spending, making each dollar stretch further.

Keeping Up with New Discount Opportunities

To stay informed about new and expiring discounts, seniors should regularly check retailers’ websites, sign up for newsletters, and follow their favorite stores on social media. Joining online forums or communities dedicated to senior discounts can also be a great way to discover new deals and share information with peers.


Maximizing retail discounts requires a combination of vigilance, strategic planning, and taking advantage of multiple savings avenues. By employing these strategies, seniors can enjoy a wide range of discounts, making their shopping experiences both rewarding and economical.

Being proactive is key – seniors should sign up for email lists and loyalty programs to receive promotional offers and sale alerts. Checking newspapers, social media, and retailer websites regularly can unveil new deals. With a little legwork, huge savings opportunities will emerge.

Planning shopping around the best discounts is also advised. Timing bigger purchases to align with major sales events, club member discount days, and seasonal promotions can optimize dollars saved. Stacking store discounts with manufacturer coupons and credit card rewards can further boost value.

FAQs on Senior and Military Discounts at Retail Stores

1. How do I qualify for senior discounts at retail stores? 

To qualify for senior discounts, individuals typically need to meet the age requirement set by the retailer, which can range from 55 to 65 years old. Proof of age, such as a valid ID, may be required at the time of purchase.

2. Are senior discounts available at all locations of a retail chain? 

Senior discounts can vary by location, especially in franchise-owned stores. It’s always a good idea to check with your local store or the retailer’s website to confirm the availability of senior discounts.

3. Can I combine senior discounts with other promotions or coupons? 

Policies on combining discounts can vary between retailers. Some may allow seniors to use both a senior discount and another promotion or coupon, while others may restrict customers to choosing one discount. It’s best to ask the retailer directly for their specific policy.

4. Do I need to sign up for a membership to access senior discounts? 

Some retailers may require seniors to join a loyalty program or provide a membership ID (such as an AARP membership) to access discounts. Others may offer discounts to all eligible seniors without the need for membership.

5. How do military discounts compare to senior discounts? 

Military discounts are offered to active military personnel, veterans, and their families. These discounts may be similar in value to senior discounts but are based on military service rather than age. Eligibility for military discounts typically requires a valid military ID.

6. What types of products are excluded from senior discounts? 

Exclusions can vary by retailer but commonly include gift cards, prescriptions, alcohol, and certain electronics. Always check the terms and conditions of the discount for any exclusions.

7. Can senior discounts be used for online purchases? 

While some retailers offer senior discounts for in-store purchases only, others may extend these discounts to online shopping. Verify with the retailer whether their senior discounts apply to online purchases and how to claim them during checkout.

8. How often do retailers offer senior discount days? 

Retailers that provide specific senior discount days typically do so on a weekly or monthly basis. The day of the week and the frequency can vary, so it’s helpful to consult the retailer’s website or contact them directly for the schedule.
For the most accurate and up-to-date information on senior and military discounts, it’s advisable to check directly with the retailer or visit their official website.

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