Hulu Discounts: Free Access, Senior, and Low-Income Options

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Hulu is a streaming service with several add-ons, such as live sports coverage and Disney content. Leveraging Hulu’s on-demand programming across many devices is the optimal solution for allowing everyone to watch their material concurrently. You don’t have to deal with the trouble of recording shows if you find any on Hulu that you want to watch anytime. You can also search for the films in its collection.

Things to check in Hulu Senior Discount

Are you looking for a Hulu Senior Discount? Always check whether a streaming service delivers something special in exchange for a monthly fee amidst the increasing array of options available. One of the options available with the greatest original content is Hulu, which also has sports and live TV add-ons to expand its already vast library.

What is Hulu?

Hulu is a terrific alternative to cable for those who want to watch particular films and TV series without surfing for any particular channel. Additionally, only Hulu offers original material to view. No wires or cable boxes are needed if you have a reliable internet connection and wish to stream this material to compatible devices.

Free Hulu Access

The greatest and most straightforward approach to obtaining free access to your favorite shows is to join up for a free trial, even though it’s only available briefly.

You can use this option even if you are a recurrent member.

To allow them to test it out, this is also a fantastic choice for new users. Still wondering if Hulu is the best streaming service? 

Available plans

Two alternatives are there; the second seems superior. The first is a basic plan providing 30 days of free ad-supported streaming.

They also provide a free 30-day trial for their best-value, ad-free plan if you decide to pay after the trial time.

Hulu Packages

You can watch Hulu with or without ads, depending on your plan. It offers a Live TV bundle with sports material and other subscriptions. Before signing up for any of these plans, understand exactly what you’re getting into because the prices range greatly.

Hulu (Includes Ads)

The Hulu basic package is Hulu with advertising. If you wish to pay in advance, you can get two months free for just $7.99 or $79.99 per year. 

What can you watch under this? 

You may watch:

  •  Films
  •  TV series
  • Hulu exclusive material
  • Whole Hulu library 
Good news! If you or a family member studies in a college, you can get it at a discounted rate, for just $1.99 monthly.

Although having commercial interruptions in a streaming service may appear strange, Hulu uses this as one of the strategies to keep the cost of its basic plan low. Expect four to six one-minute-long commercial interruptions every hour when watching a movie or television show. It’s important to remember that Netflix and Amazon Prime offer ad-free on-movie and TV streaming in all their subscription options, even if their commercial breaks are far shorter than those on cable TV.

Hulu (No Advertisements)

No extra content is available if you pay $14.99 monthly for Hulu without advertisements. There won’t be any commercial breaks, and your content will play continuously from start to finish. Ads will never interrupt the program. However, they may occasionally play at the beginning or finish. Sometimes, ads can be entertaining, too! 

Things to watch on Hulu

Hulu has too many films and TV series available for both options to mention them all. What can be all-time favorites are:

  •  “Am I Being Unreasonable?” is one of the well-liked TV shows. 
  • “The Full Monty” 
  • “A Little Light” 
  • “Under the Banner of Heaven” 
  • “Up Here”
  •  “Secret Chef.” 

Classic films like “Die Hard” and “Alien” are mixed up with more recent blockbusters like “Ford v. Ferrari” and “Spencer.” A vast array of documentaries is available on Hulu as well.

hulu Live Tv feature

Hulu Together with Live TV

It’s a whole other service, Hulu + Live TV. In addition to Hulu’s on-demand programming, it offers programming from about 85 sports, news, and entertainment channels, including:

  • ABC News
  • MTV
  • Lifetime
  • Hallmark
  • Comedy
  • E! Bravo
  •  ESPN
  • ACCN
  • Fox News
  • CNN
  • Disney Channel
  •  MSNBC

A Live TV plan also includes Disney+ and ESPN+ subscriptions.

However, given the monthly fee is $69.99, you must ensure that it offers the material you desire from both streaming services and cable TV packages. Keep in mind that it contains advertisements. Live TV is $82.99 a month for ad-free content. ESPN+ will still have commercial interruptions in that arrangement as well.

Interestingly, Hulu has a far larger library of on-demand programming than certain specialized live-streaming TV services like Sling and FuboTV. However, it might have only some cable channels available, and its local content based on geography might be limited.

Senior Discounts on Hulu

Rather than providing senior discounts, Hulu has opted to concentrate on price techniques that appeal to a wide range of customers in the face of fierce competition in the streaming services sector.

Senior discounts are not presently available on Hulu’s streaming services. This might be because the business prioritizes offering reasonably priced streaming services to a broad clientele over giving special discounts to particular demographics.

Seniors will not be able to take advantage of these additional discounts. People may argue that a competitive price point appeals to a broader audience.

Hulu wants to provide everyone with affordable and accessible streaming options. They provide student-only discounted pricing for those who want to save a little money on their monthly subscription. Hulu provides a free trial period for people to try out their streaming service, making it an affordable and competitive choice for entertainment.

Maximizing Overall Savings on Hulu

If you like Hulu’s content, buy a subscription.

However, you might struggle to pay on time, so check for affordable options.

Get It in the Spotify Premium Student Bundle

Is another free version of Hulu available besides the free trial? You’re in luck if you currently use Spotify Premium Student.

You can access the ad-supported Hulu streaming service for $6.99 monthly with this specific membership. However, not everyone can use Spotify Premium Student. Only students enrolled in approved institutions and universities can use the SheerID service after confirming their eligibility. 

In addition, if you fulfill the requirements, you can qualify for a 50% discount, letting you use this service for half as much for a maximum of four years. It only has to be renewed annually. An additional benefit of this package is that it provides you with free access to Showtime, a streaming service that would otherwise set you back $10.99 a month.

Package Sprint Unlimited

You may already know Sprint and T-Mobile have combined if you have Sprint Unlimited. However, customers who pay for this service still receive the ad-supported Hulu bundle.

To test out this package, select your device to stream Hulu on, sign up to activate your Sprint account, and then follow the instructions on the device to finish the setup.

Hulu Is Available If You Have Verizon Unlimited

Verizon Unlimited might not be the most cost-effective choice if you’re wondering how to stream Hulu for the least amount, but it is indeed an excellent plan. If you currently have Verizon Wireless service, see your plan for further information. Disney+, ad-supported Hulu, and ESPN+ are all included in the Disney bundle, which is free to all users with the Unlimited plan.

Utilise Rewards to Gain Free Access

Although Hulu has no reward point program, you can exchange rewards elsewhere for Hulu gift cards or gift cards to other stores.

The various incentives you can obtain are as follows:

With the cashback app Fetch Prizes, you can earn prizes for scanning every supermarket receipt. They also offer Hulu gift cards as incentives. Guess what you get with 25,000 points? A $25 gift card. You get a $50 gift card with 50,000 points. 

How do you get points?

When you use their browser extension or shop from their homepage, Swagbucks gives you rewards. The rewards can be a $25 gift card with 2200 SB and an exclusive $50 gift card with 4,600 SB.

The Microsoft Rewards program is a fantastic method to get money on your computer by performing easy chores. You can accomplish this by using Bing search, renting films, viewing various videos, and responding to trivia and tests. You can exchange these awards for a Hulu gift card.

Want to share the Hulu plan with someone else?

While there are differing views on sharing streaming service accounts, Hulu allows users to have several accounts for any plan.
You can enjoy simultaneous viewing on up to two devices by dividing your plan into six profiles sharing the same login.
The best part about unique profiles is that you can bookmark your favorite shows, even though viewing more profiles once than permitted would result in a “too many screens” error.


Hulu is an excellent resource for on-demand films and television series and a constantly updated library of original material. With their Live TV bundle, which offers live television channels similar to cable services and certain sports programming, you can use this plan instead of your streaming services and cable network.

Nevertheless, Hulu is typically more expensive monthly and offers fewer channels than most cable networks. Having all that content at your fingertips and the convenience of Hulu streaming to smart devices is alluring. Still, it would help to always compare the content choices to your current cable plan or live TV streaming service to determine whether the value is worthwhile.

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