2024 Arby’s Senior Discounts (Updated List)


Arby’s roast beef sandwiches, curly fries, and a variety of other menu items have made it a successful fast-food chain. Recognizing the value that senior customers bring to their business, Arby’s, like many other restaurants, acknowledges the importance of providing added value through discounts. This article aims to explore the specifics, availability, and benefits of Arby’s senior discount program, exploring how seniors can enjoy their favorite meals at a fraction of the cost.

Understanding Arby’s Senior Discount

Senior discounts at restaurants are a token of appreciation towards the older demographic, offering them an opportunity to save on their purchases. Arby’s approach to senior discounts varies by location, as it is a franchise-operated business. While there isn’t a company-wide senior discount policy, many Arby’s franchises extend special offers to seniors. Typically, customers aged 55 and above may receive a 10% discount on their orders or enjoy a complimentary drink, depending on the franchise’s policy.

Interested seniors must inquire directly at their local Arby’s to understand the specific discounts available to them. This variability underscores the importance of communication between Arby’s locations and their customers to ensure that seniors can avail themselves of the discounts where they are offered.

Age Eligibility and Accessibility

Arby’s offers a senior discount to customers who have reached a certain age. The minimum age to qualify for Arby’s senior discount is 55 years old. To take advantage of this discount, customers must be able to provide proof of their age. Arby’s requires that seniors show a valid ID such as a driver’s license, state ID card, passport, or other government-issued ID with their date of birth. This is to ensure only those who meet the age requirement receive the discounted pricing. While the specific process may vary slightly between locations, customers will generally need to inform the cashier that they would like to use the senior discount when placing their order. The cashier will then request to see an acceptable form of ID to verify the customer’s age before applying the discount.

It’s a good idea for seniors to have their ID ready to present when ordering at Arby’s. As long as the customer is 55 or older and can produce a valid ID showing proof of age, they should have no issue receiving the special senior pricing. Arby’s wants to make sure their senior patrons are able to easily take advantage of the discounts they’ve earned through their years. As long as seniors follow the ID requirements, they can enjoy value pricing on their Arby’s orders.

Arby’s Policies for 2024

Arby’s has a few important policies that seniors should be aware of regarding their discount program:

Age Requirement: Customers must be 55 years of age or older to qualify for the Arby’s senior discount. A valid ID displaying a date of birth will be required as proof of age.

Availability: The senior discount is available at all Arby’s restaurant locations across the United States for dine-in, takeout, and drive-thru orders. It may also be valid for delivery orders placed directly through Arby’s, though policies can vary by location.

Discount Amount: Arby’s typically offers a 10% discount on total food purchases for seniors. The specific percentage may vary slightly between franchises, but the standard is 10% off.

Request an Order: Seniors must request the senior discount when ordering and present their ID to verify age eligibility before it is applied to their purchase.

Restrictions: The senior discount cannot be combined with other promotional offers, coupons, or discounts. It applies only to food orders and excludes beverages, sides, and selected premium items that may vary by location.

Terms: Arby’s reserves the right to modify or discontinue its senior discount program at any time. Policies are also subject to change, so seniors are advised to inquire about current terms when ordering.

By understanding and following these straightforward policies, seniors can be assured they are receiving the proper discount and special pricing at Arby’s restaurants. Compliance with age verification and discount terms allows Arby’s to consistently provide this valued benefit to their older customers.

How to Maximize Senior Savings at Arby’s

Seniors can maximize their savings at Arby’s by staying informed about and taking advantage of various offers:

  • Limited-Time Offers: Keep an eye on seasonal and limited-time promotions that Arby’s frequently runs. These can offer significant savings on meals and are available to customers of all ages.
  • Promotional Deals: Join Arby’s email list or download the Arby’s app to receive notifications about current deals, coupons, and exclusive offers that can be used in conjunction with senior discounts.
  • Arby’s Rewards Program: Signing up for the Arby’s Rewards program can lead to additional savings. Members earn points with every purchase that can be redeemed for free menu items. The program might also offer special promotions targeted at seniors.
  • Healthier Menu Choices: For seniors focusing on healthier eating, Arby’s offers a selection of salads and lighter menu options. Inquiring about nutritional information can help make informed choices that align with dietary preferences or restrictions.
  • Special Meal Deals: Some Arby’s locations may offer meal deals during certain hours that provide additional value. These deals often include a combination of items at a lower price point, suitable for seniors seeking a complete meal.

By combining these strategies with the senior discounts where available, seniors can enjoy a fulfilling dining experience at Arby’s while also making the most of their budget. Always ask at your local Arby’s about the current offers and discounts specific to seniors to ensure the best possible savings.

Visit Nearest Arby’s Location

Seniors are encouraged to reach out to their nearest Arby’s location to inquire about available senior discounts. Additionally, signing up for Arby’s email list or checking their official website can provide access to current promotions and exclusive offers, enhancing the dining experience for seniors at Arby’s.

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Arby’s senior discounts serve as a token of the brand’s appreciation for their senior customers, offering them an opportunity to enjoy their favorite meals at a reduced price. While the availability and specifics of these discounts may vary by location, they represent a valuable way for seniors to make their dining experiences more enjoyable and affordable. Eligible seniors are encouraged to inquire about and utilize these discounts at their local Arby’s, combining them where possible with other promotions and loyalty rewards for the best value. Don’t forget to sign up for Arby’s email list or loyalty program to stay informed about the latest deals and exclusive offers tailored to your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions on Arby’s Senior Discounts

How do seniors claim their discount at Arby’s?

Seniors can claim their discount simply by mentioning their eligibility at the time of order. It’s advisable to have a valid ID on hand to prove age, as some locations may request it.

Can the senior discount be combined with other Arby’s coupons or promotions?

The ability to combine the senior discount with other coupons or promotions varies by location. It’s best to inquire directly at your local Arby’s restaurant for their specific policy on this matter.

Are senior discounts available at all Arby’s locations?

Senior discounts at Arby’s are offered at the discretion of individual franchises and therefore may not be available at all locations. We recommend calling ahead to your local Arby’s to confirm their participation in the senior discount program.

Do seniors need to sign up for a special program to receive discounts?

No special sign-up is necessary strictly for the senior discount. However, seniors can also join Arby’s Rewards, the brand’s loyalty program, for additional offers and deals that can enhance their savings.

Does Arby’s have a company-wide senior discount policy?

No, Arby’s does not have a company-wide senior discount policy. However, many individual franchises offer discounts for seniors, typically around 10% off orders or a complimentary drink for those aged 55 and above.

What age qualifies for a senior discount at Arby’s?

The typical age requirement for senior discounts at Arby’s is 55 years and older. This age criterion is to ensure that the discount is accessible to senior citizens, acknowledging their patronage.

Can the senior discounts at Arby’s vary by location?

Yes, the availability and specifics of senior discounts at Arby’s can vary significantly by location. Individual franchise owners have the discretion to offer, modify, or not provide these discounts. It’s always recommended to inquire at your local Arby’s restaurant.

How can seniors verify their eligibility for discounts at Arby’s?

Seniors are advised to carry a valid ID for age verification to avail of the senior discounts at Arby’s. Since discounts vary by location and are primarily age-based, having an ID can facilitate a smoother transaction.

Are there any other benefits or discounts for seniors at Arby’s besides the senior discount? 

Yes, seniors can join Arby’s email club for exclusive deals and discounts and follow Arby’s on social media for the latest promotions. Additionally, Arby’s Extras, the rewards program, allows seniors to earn points for every dollar spent, which can be redeemed for free food and other rewards.

How can seniors stay updated about discounts and promotions at Arby’s?

Seniors can stay informed about discounts and promotions at Arby’s by joining the Arby’s email club, using coupons from platforms like savingsays.com, participating in the Arby’s Rewards Program, and following Arby’s on social media channels.

What types of discounts do Arby’s offer to seniors?

Some Arby’s locations offer a 10% discount on food items or special deals and promotions such as value menus and exclusive email club offers. The specifics can vary by location, so checking with the local Arby’s is recommended.

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