What Age Is Senior Discount Fandango? (2024 Updated)

Are you wondering, “What age is senior discount Fandango?” If you’re 60 or over, you’re in luck! Fandango offers senior discounts to movie-goers meeting this age criterion. This article outlines the eligibility, how to apply, and tips to make the most of your movie experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • Senior citizens aged 60 or older are eligible for Fandango’s senior discounts, which can vary by theater and location, generally offering around 20% off the standard ticket price.
  • Fandango’s senior discount is available year-round and cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. Verification of age may be required at the time of purchase using a valid ID or membership cards such as AARP.
  • Fandango VIP membership provides additional benefits including the ability to earn reward points with every ticket purchase, exclusive movie gear offers, and additional discounts on movies for home streaming.

Eligibility Criteria for Fandango’s Senior Discounts

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Movie enthusiasts aged 60 and above qualify for Fandango’s senior discount. This discount is a golden ticket to enjoy your favorite movies at a reduced price. The specific discount amount varies by theater, but you can typically expect approximately 20% off the standard ticket price. So, with senior tickets, you get to enjoy the magic of the silver screen without worrying about ticket prices.

Keep in mind that the discount offered and age criteria can differ based on the theater and its location. It’s always a good idea to contact your local theater to get the specifics. This way, you can plan your movie outings with clarity and confidence.

Knowing the eligibility requirements, you might be curious about the assortment of discounts and ways to optimize them. Let’s unveil Fandango’s senior discount offers and explore how to apply for them.

Fandango’s Senior Discount Offers 2024

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The senior discount offered by Fandango doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Discounts at theaters and locations can vary, usually ranging from 10% to 25% off the regular ticket price. The exact discount offered depends on the specific theater and location. For instance, senior citizens can anticipate a reduction in the price of movie tickets at their local theater, such as Regal Cinemas, when making reservations through Fandango.

Moreover, Fandango extends seasonal and year-round discounts, providing you with a chance to enjoy your favorite movies at a discounted price. Let’s explore these offers further.

Seasonal and Year-Round Discounts

Fandango caters to movie lovers who have reached the milestone of 60 years and beyond with its year-round senior discount, which is available to patrons aged 60 and above. The discount amount is contingent upon the specific theater and movie, but it ensures you get to enjoy your favorite flicks without burning a hole in your pocket.

Additionally, Fandango extends seasonal discounts for seniors. These special discounts typically offer approximately 20% off for individuals aged 60 and above. During holiday periods, seniors aged 65 and over have the opportunity to avail themselves of savings of up to 25% off standard ticket prices. So, whether it’s the heart of summer or the holiday season, Fandango has got you covered.

Combining Discounts

As appealing as it may sound. Unfortunately, Fandango’s senior discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions. The senior discount must stand alone, ensuring you get a substantial reduction in ticket prices without any complications.

Take note: merging or transferring FanRewards Points, Discount FanRewards, or Discount Promo Codes could result in disqualification. Therefore, while it may be tempting to try to combine offers, it’s best to stick to the rules to ensure you continue to enjoy the benefits of the senior discount.

How to Apply for Fandango Senior Discounts

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The process of applying for Fandango’s senior discount is straightforward. When buying movie tickets either online or at the box office, simply follow these steps:

  1. Choose the senior ticket type.
  2. This indicates to the system that you are eligible for the senior discount.
  3. The system automatically applies the discount to your transaction.

To verify your age, you generally need to present a valid ID. However, you can also verify your age by presenting an AARP membership, EBT number, or Medicaid card. Once you’ve verified your age, you can enter the received code at the time of checkout to enjoy the discount.

Keep in mind that Fandango’s senior discount is a privilege extended to enhance your affordable and enjoyable movie-going experience. Now that you know how to apply for it, let’s explore some tips to maximize your movie experience.

Maximizing Your Movie Experience: Tips for Seniors

Going to the movies is more than just watching a film; it’s an experience. To enhance this experience, Fandango provides a specialized section for seniors on its website. On this platform, you can:

  • Sift through movies that pique your interest
  • Read synopses
  • Watch trailers
  • Confirm showtimes

This way, you can ensure that you choose movies that align with your preferences and showtimes that fit your schedule.

The optimal times for senior citizens to visit movie theaters are usually during the initial days of the week, with Tuesday being a suggested choice due to typically lower ticket prices. Nonetheless, verifying the age requirements for senior discounts directly with the cinema is crucial as they might differ.

Accessibility is another critical factor to consider. Before arranging a trip to the cinema, assess the accessibility of the movie theater. If you have visual impairments, consider using audio description services to enrich your movie-going experience. Also, select a seat that caters to any vision loss to guarantee comfort and enjoyment while watching the film.

Understanding Fandango’s Policies on Senior Discounts

Senior discount information at a movie theater

Comprehending Fandango’s policies on senior discounts is key to optimizing them. These policies may differ depending on the location, so it’s important to inquire with individual theaters about their specific policies.

For those who are AARP members, you’ll be glad to know that it’s not a requirement to be a member of AARP in order to access senior discounts on Fandango. This means that all senior citizens, regardless of their AARP membership status, can enjoy the benefits of Fandango’s senior discount.

One aspect setting apart Fandango’s senior discount policies from other movie ticket platforms is the stipulated age requirement. While Fandango provides a senior discount to individuals aged 60 or above, the age and discount policies on other platforms may differ depending on the theater.

Also, it’s worth noting that the refund and exchange policies for senior discounted tickets on Fandango may vary depending on the theater’s policy.

Other Ways to Save on Movie Tickets at Fandango

Although the senior discount provides great savings on Fandango, it isn’t the sole means to save. Fandango provides a range of other discounts, including a special discount, Promo Codes, Coupons, and Coupon Codes. These cater to customers with diverse interests, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

For instance, Fandango provides 10% off coupons along with other promotional deals. And yes, there are times when Fandango offers buy-one-get-one sales. So, there are plenty of opportunities to save on your movie tickets.

Fandango refreshes their deals and offers daily, thus checking back regularly for new discounts is recommended. With all these opportunities to save money, you’re sure to get the most bang for your buck every time you go to the movies.

Where to Use Your Fandango Senior Discount

Fandango’s senior discount isn’t restricted to a handful of theaters. It can be utilized at participating theaters throughout the United States. This implies that you can avail of the discount at your preferred local theater.

However, the availability of Fandango’s senior discount may vary, so it’s advisable to inquire with individual theaters regarding their specific policies. For instance, the discount is applicable at Regal Cinemas, but its availability may differ based on the specific theater and movie selection. So, don’t hesitate to ask about the senior discount the next time you’re at the theater.

Get More Out of Your Movie Tickets: Fandango Perks and Rewards

Being a Fandango VIP member offers more than mere discounts. You get access to exclusive privileges and benefits, including:

  • the ability to submit movie reviews
  • save preferred theaters
  • request refunds or exchanges for movie tickets
  • the Fandango FanRewards Points program, which enhances your movie ticket purchasing experience.

Fandango VIP members receive exclusive benefits such as earning reward points for purchasing movie tickets, receiving discounts on movies for home streaming, and gaining access to exclusive movie gear. These perks make your movie-going experience even more rewarding.

Collecting points in Fandango’s rewards program is as straightforward as buying movie tickets. For every four tickets you purchase, you earn a $5 reward. This reward can be used as a discount for subsequent ticket purchases, allowing you to get more out of every movie ticket you buy.


If you’re a senior citizen who loves movies, Fandango’s senior discount is your golden ticket to savings and a great movie experience. From understanding the eligibility criteria to learning how to apply for the discount and from maximizing your movie experience to understanding Fandango’s policies, there’s a lot to gain from this discount. So, go ahead and make the most of your movie outings with Fandango’s senior discount and enjoy the magic of cinema without worrying about the costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age am I eligible for Fandango’s senior discount?

You are eligible for Fandango’s senior discount at the age of 60 and above.

What is the senior age for movies?

The senior age for movies is 60 years and older, and senior tickets are valid for adults in this age group. No one under 18 is allowed admission to the feature.

Why do senior citizens pay less for movie tickets than non-seniors?

Senior citizens pay less for movie tickets than non-seniors because they tend to have fixed incomes that require careful budgeting and don’t rise with other costs, leading theaters to offer senior discounts. This is also due to senior citizens having a more elastic demand for movies.

Can I combine Fandango’s senior discount with other offers or promotions?

No, unfortunately, Fandango’s senior discount cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.

Where can I use Fandango’s senior discount?

You can use Fandango’s senior discount at participating theaters throughout the United States.

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    My next resort prayerfully is to see what Uber discounts I can get. Please help me with your expertise and guidance.

    • Thank you for sharing your situation. We understand the challenges of finding affordable transportation options as a senior on a limited income. While Uber’s standard rates may not be ideal, they do offer discounts and programs for seniors and those with disabilities, such as Uber Assist, Uber WAV, and city/region-specific senior/disability discounts. You can find more information about Uber’s senior discounts in our post https://seniordiscount.modern60.com/blog/does-uber-or-lyft-have-senior-discounts/.
      For your specific need of 4 to 6 rides from Hillandale to Fulton (to and fro) in Maryland, which is not serviced by MetroAccess, we will research potential solutions or connect you with appropriate resources in that area. Our community is here to support and guide you through these challenges.

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