Does CVS Have a Senior Discount Day in 2024?

Shoppers aged 65 and up often ask, ‘Does CVS have a senior discount day?’ While CVS recognizes the value of its senior customers by offering discounts, the existence of a special day for these savings can vary by location. Our guide below outlines how seniors can capitalize on discounts at CVS, with insights into the CVS ExtraCare Program.

Key Takeaways

  • CVS offers a senior discount to individuals aged 65 and above, excluding prescriptions, gift cards, and sale items, and requires a valid ID for eligibility verification.
  • The CVS ExtraCare Program allows seniors to save money through rewards points, offering a 20% discount on regular-priced items, personalized deals, and free shipping on online orders for program members.
  • Seniors cannot combine the senior discount with other CVS discounts or promotions, but can utilize other savings avenues such as the prescription savings programs, the CarePass program, AARP member benefits, and smart shopping practices.

Exploring CVS Senior Discount Days

Senior couple shopping at a pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy, one of the largest pharmacy chains in the country, takes pride in giving back to its senior customers. They understand the financial constraints many seniors face, and hence, CVS offers senior discounts to individuals aged 65 years and above. It’s an easy process; all you need is a valid ID to verify your age, and you’re eligible for the discount. However, some exclusions apply. Prescriptions, gift cards, and sale items are excluded from the senior discount. The discount does not apply to these items.

This is an excellent way for seniors to save money while shopping for their necessities. But how can you make the most of these discounts? Well, the answer lies in the CVS ExtraCare Program.

Unveiling the Perks of CVS’s ExtraCare Program

CVS ExtraCare rewards card

The ExtraCare Program, CVS’s loyalty program, offers exclusive savings and rewards to members, helping them save money on their purchases, including over-the-counter medications.

The Mechanics of ExtraCare Savings

Seniors can enroll in the CVS ExtraCare program by visiting any of the CVS pharmacy stores or using the CVS Pharmacy app. The program allows members to accumulate rewards points through their purchases, which can later be used to obtain discounts or complimentary items, sometimes in the form of promo codes.

Accrual of rewards points in the CVS ExtraCare program is possible through activities such as filling prescriptions, receiving flu shots, and making purchases. Participants have the opportunity to earn up to $50 in ExtraBucks Rewards and receive a 2% return on nearly all purchases. Each point in the CVS ExtraCare program holds a monetary value of 0.5 cents.

Exclusive Benefits for ExtraCare Members

Seniors enrolled in the ExtraCare program benefit from a 20% discount on regular-priced items. They also receive complimentary shipping on online orders. The program also provides personalized deals, birthday treats, and rewards for filling prescriptions. Members benefit from ExtraSavings through personalized coupons, weekly in-store sales, and email offers.

In addition to in-store savings, senior ExtraCare members have access to exclusive online promotions, including buy-one-get-one-free deals, instant coupons, and cashback offers. Regularly visiting the CVS website and subscribing to ExtraCare emails helps members stay informed about the most recent promotions.

How to Confirm Senior Discount Eligibility at Your Local CVS

Senior person confirming discount eligibility

To verify eligibility for senior discounts at your local CVS, seniors can directly inquire with the store. Eligibility for a senior discount at CVS requires individuals to be 65 years of age or older and possess a valid form of identification.

It’s important to note that specific companies or branches may have varying minimum age criteria, which can range from 50 to 65 years. Seniors are required to present a valid ID displaying their age to receive the discount at CVS. If you’re uncertain about qualifying for a senior discount at CVS, don’t hesitate to inquire with the store staff.

Maximizing Your Discounts: Combine Deals and Promotions

While the senior discount at CVS is a great way to save money, it’s important to know that it cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions at CVS. This means you can’t stack your senior discount with other store-wide promotions or use it with coupons.

However, don’t let this discourage you. There are other ways to save at CVS Pharmacy, even without using the senior discount.

Other Ways to Save at CVS Pharmacy

Apart from senior discounts, CVS provides a range of other discounts, including buy-one-get-one-free deals, cashback offers, and instant coupons. They also have a price-matching policy that ensures you get a refund for the price difference if a lower price for an identical item is found at a competitor’s store.

Prescription Medication Savings

CVS offers prescription medication savings programs designed to assist individuals in saving on prescriptions, whether through insurance savings or third-party drug discounts. The CVS pharmacy savings program assists individuals in saving on prescriptions by:

  • Identifying savings that complement their insurance
  • Exploring alternative options
  • Discovering everyday prescription drug savings using their pharmacy knowledge and exclusive tools

Individuals can also utilize a Third-Party Discount Card to further reduce the cost of medication.

The prescription medication savings at CVS include prescription purchases with:

  • 85% of CVS prescriptions priced under $10
  • the ability to acquire a 30-day supply of an eligible prescription for one credit
  • the option to obtain a 90-day supply of an eligible prescription for three credits

Additionally, CVS provides the CarePass program, which has its own set of terms and conditions.

CVS Online Shopping Deals

Applying CVS online coupons involves entering the coupon codes in the Coupons section of your Basket when making online purchases. CVS also provides digital manufacturer coupons that can be added to your account by selecting ‘send to card,’ and they will be automatically applied to your purchases.

CVS provides free shipping for online orders that exceed $35. CarePass subscribers are eligible for free shipping on all orders, regardless of the purchase amount. CVS also offers online exclusive products and deals, including offerings and necessities from leading brands, with the added convenience of same-day delivery services for select items.

Senior Health and Wellness Opportunities at CVS

Senior receiving vaccination at CVS

CVS provides health screenings for seniors, which include blood pressure and cholesterol tests that can be accessed at MinuteClinic®. Senior Days take place every Thursday throughout September at certain CVS HealthHUB™ locations in the Tampa area. These wellness programs are customized to cater to the specific requirements of senior citizens. They encompass exclusive savings and resources, as well as wellness visits aimed at helping seniors uphold their health as they advance in age.

CVS offers crucial vaccinations suggested for senior individuals, such as:

  • the flu vaccine
  • pneumococcal vaccine
  • shingles vaccine
  • the Tdap vaccine

They provide a range of discounts and incentives to encourage seniors to participate in health screenings and wellness programs, including special savings on immunizations and over-the-counter products for individuals aged 65 and above.

AARP, a prominent senior savings program, has formed a collaboration with CVS. This partnership allows AARP members to access exclusive promotions and discounted pricing at CVS stores. An AARP membership provides savings on significant expenses, including hearing, optical, and pharmacy costs, which can greatly assist seniors in managing their healthcare and lifestyle expenditures.

AARP members have exclusive discounts at CVS, including:

  • Potential savings ranging from 10% to 50% on a variety of products
  • Access to discounts by entering their AARP membership number when making online purchases
  • The opportunity to save on prescription medications by utilizing a complimentary Rx discount card
  • Eligibility to receive up to 38% off by using the AARP Member Prescription Discount Card as part of the CVS ExtraCare Savings and Rewards program.

Smart Shopping Advice for Seniors at CVS in 2024

Seniors can optimize their discounts and promotions at CVS by:

  • Availing themselves of the senior discount of 10% off on regular-priced items on the first Wednesday of every month
  • Linking the CVS app to their ExtraCare program
  • Enrolling in senior-exclusive savings to access personalized coupons for additional savings

In addition to the discounts offered, seniors can employ intelligent shopping techniques at CVS, such as:

  • Taking advantage of Pharmacy and Health Rewards
  • Opting for generic over-the-counter medication
  • Seeking out seasonal items on sale
  • Exploring clearance bins to find items at significantly reduced prices. Moreover, it’s always good to remember that many stores offer senior discounts, so don’t hesitate to ask at the checkout.


In conclusion, CVS provides a multitude of savings opportunities for seniors, including senior discounts, the ExtraCare Program, prescription medication savings, online shopping deals, and health and wellness opportunities. Additionally, AARP members can enjoy exclusive discounts at CVS. By taking advantage of these opportunities and following smart shopping advice, seniors can significantly reduce their expenses at CVS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Walmart give 10% senior discounts?

No, Walmart does not offer a universal 10% senior discount, but they do provide various savings opportunities and policies that can benefit seniors, such as reduced prices on a wide range of products.

What free things can you get at 60?

At 60, you can access a variety of free or nearly free benefits and services.

How does Walgreens Senior Day work?

Walgreens Seniors Day offers a 20 percent discount on regular-price items to my Walgreens rewards program members who are 55 and older on the first Tuesday of each month. This discount excludes prescriptions and clinical services.

How much is Amazon Prime for seniors?

Amazon Prime is available for seniors at a discounted rate of $6.99 per month instead of the regular rate of $14.99 per month.

What is the minimum age to qualify for the CVS Senior Discount?

You must be 65 years or older to qualify for the CVS Senior Discount.

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