What Time Is the Senior Buffet at Golden Corral: Savvy Dining Tips for Seniors

Are you eager to know “What time is the senior buffet at Golden Corral?” Seniors age 60 and up benefit from discounted dining during our exclusive Senior Early Bird Special from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays. Stay tuned for weekend hours and tips on making the most of your visit!

Key Takeaways

  • Golden Corral provides a senior buffet with discounted prices for seniors aged 60 and above on weekdays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., including a $1 discount and complimentary drink, and offers over-55 discounts on weekends.
  • Seniors can maximize their discounts at Golden Corral by utilizing the early bird specials, joining the Good as Gold Club for additional offers, and staying up-to-date with Golden Corral’s latest promotions and discounts.
  • Golden Corral’s extensive offerings range from healthy options suitable for various dietary needs to indulgent desserts, with a focus on providing a wide variety appealing to senior citizens.

Golden Corral Senior Buffet Hours 2024

Senior couple enjoying a meal at Golden Corral

Golden Corral demonstrates its respect and commitment to senior citizens through its senior buffet hours. These special hours, available on both weekdays and weekends, are designed to provide seniors with a relaxed dining environment at discounted prices. Keep in mind, though, that the specifics of these hours and discounts might differ across various Golden Corral locations.

To discover the specifics of senior discounts at your local Golden Corral, directly reaching out is advised. You can contact your nearest Golden Corral restaurant and inquire about the amount of the discount and the age requirement. Doing so will ensure you’re primed to relish a delectable meal at a reasonable price.

Weekday Senior Buffet Hours at Golden Corral

Weekday dining at Golden Corral becomes even more enticing with their early bird specials. Available from Monday to Friday, these specials are designed to provide seniors aged 60 and above with discounted meals. From 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., seniors can enjoy a $1 discount off their buffet entrees, along with a complimentary drink. It’s the perfect chance to savor Golden Corral’s extensive buffet at a reduced price.

Weekday Senior Buffet Hours at Golden Corral

The Senior Early Bird Special is priced at just $9.99 per person, beverages included. What’s more, seniors can accrue additional savings and offers through the Golden Corral reward program. With such attractive discounts and offerings, Golden Corral truly knows how to appreciate and reward its senior customers.

Weekend Senior Buffet Hours at Golden Corral

While weekday deals are certainly appealing, Golden Corral doesn’t let the allure fade away on the weekends. Seniors over 55 can take advantage of special deals and offers for weekend dinners or brunch, including the Golden Corral senior discounts. With 50 cents off the normal menu prices for early orders, the Golden Corral discount is a great way for seniors to save on their meals.

The discounted prices apply to all meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For instance, breakfast starts at a reasonable $9.49, and lunch begins at just $10.49. These discounts ensure that seniors can enjoy a lavish weekend meal without worrying about the bill.

Maximizing Your Golden Corral Senior Discount

Golden Corral Good as Gold Club rewards

Golden Corral’s senior discounts reflect their unwavering dedication to their senior customers. However, knowing how to maximize these discounts can truly elevate your Golden Corral dining experience. Early bird specials and the Good as Gold Club are two key ways to make the most of your Golden Corral discounts.

Seniors can keep themselves updated on the latest promotions, discounts, and other important information through Golden Corral’s official website or by directly contacting their nearest Golden Corral restaurant. By doing so, you’ll stay informed and ready to seize the top deals Golden Corral presents.

Golden Corral Early Bird Specials

Early bird specials at Golden Corral are designed to make your weekday dining experiences even more enjoyable. These specials offer discounted buffet prices for seniors during specific hours, allowing you to enjoy a delicious meal at a reduced cost.

For seniors, the early bird dinner special at Golden Corral includes:

  • Indulging in the dinner buffet menu for just $9.99 per person, with beverages included
  • Dine between 11 AM and 3 PM on weekdays to avail this discount
  • Present proof of age or sign up for the Golden Corral Rewards program to enjoy the discount

It’s that easy!

Utilizing the Good as Gold Club at Golden Corral

The Good as Gold Club is yet another way Golden Corral extends its appreciation towards its loyal customers. As a customer, joining this club gets you access to additional discounts, birthday treats, and regular news updates. It’s open for everyone to join, but for seniors, it can be a golden opportunity to maximize their benefits at Golden Corral.

The sign-up process for the Good as Gold Club is simple. You can either do it online or through the Golden Corral mobile app. All you need is your personal information and your preferred Golden Corral location. Once you’re a member, you can look forward to:

  • special birthday treats
  • complimentary beverages
  • exclusive coupons
  • additional perks

A Look at Golden Corral’s Delicious Offerings

Delicious buffet options at Golden Corral

A dining experience at Golden Corral includes:

  • An extensive variety of delicious food options
  • Healthy choices that cater to your dietary needs
  • Indulgent treats for when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth

When it comes to dining out, Golden Corral has it all, including the variety of options that Golden Corral locations offer at your favorite Golden Corral location. Experience the deliciousness at a specific Golden Corral restaurant or at Golden Corral restaurants nationwide.

Whether you’re a fan of Golden Delicious Shrimp, Fried Chicken, Pot Roast, or a simple Baked Potato, Golden Corral has got you covered. Even if you have specific dietary restrictions, you’ll find vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options to choose from. With such a wide array of delicious offerings, the only problem you might face is deciding what to eat first!

Golden Corral Healthy Options for Seniors

Golden Corral understands that maintaining a balanced diet is essential, especially for seniors. That’s why they offer a wide range of healthy meal choices, including:

  • diced vegetables
  • sautéed onions and peppers
  • steamed broccoli
  • steamed cauliflower
  • low-calorie entrees

Additionally, Golden Corral ensures that their buffet accommodates various nutrition plans. Whether you’re on a low-sodium diet, a diabetic-friendly diet, or just looking to keep your meals low in sugar, sodium, and fat, Golden Corral has got you covered. They even offer heart-healthy meal options like shrimp and steamed vegetables, perfect for those following plant-based nutrition plans.

Golden Corral Indulgent Treats

While healthy options are great, sometimes you just want to indulge. Golden Corral understands that and offers a wide selection of desserts and other sweet offerings, including:

  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Brownies
  • Sweet corn pudding
  • Banana pudding

There’s something to satisfy every sweet tooth.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want to treat yourself, don’t miss out on Golden Corral’s signature carrot cake. Made with a delicious mix of carrot cake mix, pineapple juice, and crushed pineapple, it’s a delight not to be missed. And for those looking for sugar-free or diabetic-friendly options, Golden Corral has that covered, too.

How to Locate Your Nearest Golden Corral

Golden Corral store locator

It’s simple to locate your nearest Golden Corral with just a few clicks. Whether you want to visit your local Golden Corral or are planning to dine out while traveling, the Golden Corral store locator can help you find the nearest location.

All you need to do is visit the Golden Corral website and use the restaurant locator tool. You can input your zip code and find the nearest participating location. The locator tool also provides contact information for each branch, so you can easily get in touch to inquire about senior discounts and buffet hours.

The Golden Corral Rewards Program: Extra Savings for Seniors

Extra savings are within reach through the Golden Corral Rewards Program. This program allows you to earn points for every dollar you spend at Golden Corral, which you can then redeem for discounts.

To enroll in the program, you can visit the Golden Corral website and complete the online registration. The necessary information includes:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • City
  • Zip code
  • Date of birth

With every visit, your savings just keep adding up!

How to Sign Up on Golden Corral

Enrolling in the Golden Corral Rewards Program is straightforward. You have the option to enroll online by visiting the Golden Corral rewards webpage or by downloading the Golden Corral app from the app store.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can set up an account and use it to scan receipts and accumulate points. As a bonus, upon enrolling in the Golden Corral Rewards Program, you receive a discount coupon of $5 for your next purchase, provided it is worth at least $25.

Earning and Redeeming Points

Simply present your rewards app during dine-in or takeout orders to earn points in the Golden Corral Rewards Program. With every dollar of a qualified purchase at Golden Corral, you earn one point.

As for redeeming points, you have the flexibility of using them for dollar savings or saving them for a special occasion. However, it’s important to note that reward points in the Golden Corral Rewards Program expire after one year. So, make sure to use them before they’re gone!

Celebrating Birthdays at Golden Corral

Senior person holding a birthday coupon at Golden Corral

Golden Corral is committed to making your birthday special. As a member of the Good as Gold Club, you receive a complimentary meal during your birthday week. It’s their way of saying “Happy Birthday!”

To redeem your complimentary birthday meal, you need to:

  1. Sign up for the Good As Gold Club.
  2. Upon signing up, you’ll receive a coupon for a free buffet meal around your birthday.
  3. You can then redeem the coupon either in-store or through the mobile app.

Golden Corral Birthday Freebies

As a Good as Gold Club member, you’re eligible to receive a free birthday meal. This includes an all-you-can-eat buffet with the purchase of an adult buffet, and it even covers dessert.

While the timeframe for redeeming the free meal isn’t specified, you can likely find details through your membership communications. After all, what better way to celebrate your special day than with a feast at Golden Corral?

Additional Birthday Perks

Golden Corral offers more than just a free meal on your birthday. As a Good as Gold Club member, you also receive special birthday benefits such as a complimentary beverage, exclusive coupons, or even a complimentary buffet coupon for your birthday.

So, if you’re a senior looking to make your birthday extra special, join the Good as Gold Club and let Golden Corral take care of the rest.


From senior buffet hours to special discounts and from a diverse menu to an exciting rewards program, Golden Corral certainly knows how to serve its senior customers. Whether you’re looking for healthy options, indulgent treats, or the best ways to maximize your discounts, this blog post has covered it all.

So why wait? Find your nearest Golden Corral, sign up for the Good as Gold Club, and start enjoying delicious meals at great discounts today. After all, you’ve earned it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest time to eat at Golden Corral?

The cheapest time to eat at Golden Corral is during lunch or early dinner. Additionally, consider visiting on Saturdays and Sundays to take advantage of special offers and promotions.

Who owns Golden Corral?

Golden Corral is owned by Investors Management Corp, with its chairman being James Maynard.

Where is the barcode on Golden Corral receipt?

You can find the barcode on your Golden Corral receipt at the bottom, where you can scan it through the “Earn Points” page for dine-in purchases.

What are the senior buffet hours at Golden Corral?

The senior buffet hours at Golden Corral vary by location, with early bird specials during the week and additional discounts on weekend brunch and dinner buffets.

How can I maximize my senior discount at Golden Corral?

To maximize your senior discount at Golden Corral, be sure to take advantage of early bird specials and consider joining the Good as Gold Club for additional benefits.

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