Regal Cinemas Senior Discount: Unlock Big Savings at the Movies


Did you know that being a senior comes with exclusive perks at the movies? Yes, you heard that right! Regal Cinemas has rolled out a red carpet for those 60 and above, offering them an unforgettable cinematic experience at a fraction of the cost with the Regal Cinemas senior discount. Interested to know more? You’re in for a treat!

Key Takeaways

  • Enjoy discounted movie tickets with Regal Cinemas senior discount for individuals aged 60 and above, up to 30% off per ticket.
  • Take advantage of daily discounts at Regal Cinemas and join the Crown Club for exclusive benefits!
  • Maximize your experience by utilizing various accessibility features and planning ahead. Additional savings are available beyond the silver screen.

Unlocking Senior Savings: Regal Cinemas Discount Overview

Seniors Enjoying Movie in Theatre

A good movie shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, especially as a respected senior. Regal Cinemas recognizes this, welcoming those aged 60 and above with special senior tickets to offer you top value for your money. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to dive into the world of discounted tickets and relish the best of the silver screen.

You might be asking yourself, “How do I secure these discounted tickets?” Well, it’s as easy as pie! You can conveniently purchase your discounted tickets online or make your way to a Regal Cinemas ticket counter, whichever suits your fancy. The power is in your hands to choose your preferred method and start enjoying your favorite movies at a steal.

Eligibility for Regal’s Senior Discounts

The process of meeting the eligibility requirements for Regal Cinemas’ senior discount is as straightforward as it gets. All you need to be is 60 years of age or older and hold an AARP card. Yes, it’s that straightforward! But wait, you might be thinking, “I’m not 60 yet. Does that mean I can’t join AARP and enjoy the benefits?” Fear not, because there is no minimum age requirement to join AARP. People of all ages can become AARP members and gain access to discounts, programs, and resources, including the Regal Cinemas’ senior discount at their local theatre.

Curious about how to secure an AARP card? The process is a breeze! Simply sign up for membership on the AARP website, and you’re all set to start enjoying the benefits of senior discounts at Regal Cinemas’ box office. However, do take note that the eligibility requirements for the Regal Cinemas’ Senior Discount may vary slightly depending on the location within geographically diverse theatre circuits. So, it’s always a good idea to double-check with your specific theater or visit their website for any potential local variations.

How much is the senior discount at Regal Cinemas?

Now, to address the specifics. Exactly how much will this senior discount save you? Well, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! With the senior discount, you can enjoy a fantastic discount of $1 to $4 per senior ticket on Regal Cinemas’ admission. But that’s not all. The cherry on top is that the discount amount varies based on the specific movie, theater, and showtime, providing a range of options for you to enjoy an enjoyable movie-going experience.

Regal Cinemas graciously provides up to 30% off for senior moviegoers aged 60 and above. While the exact savings may vary by location, it’s a brilliant opportunity to watch your favorite movies without breaking the bank. So, the next time you’re planning a movie outing, remember you’ve got some big savings waiting for you at Regal Cinemas.

What age is the Regal Cinemas senior discount?

If you’re 60 years or older and wondering how to make the most of your golden years, Regal Cinemas has got you covered. The Regal Crown Club membership paves the way to fantastic benefits like earning credits for movie rewards, receiving treats like popcorn, drinks, and admission tickets, along with access to exclusive movie deals and discounts.

But what if you’re not an AARP cardholder? No worries! There’s no mention of an AARP card being a requirement for the senior discount. The primary condition is that individuals need to be at least 60 years old. This makes it easier for seniors to take advantage of related senior discounts at Regal Cinemas. So, get ready to bask in the glow of savings and enjoy your favorite flicks at a discounted rate.

When is the Regal Cinemas senior discount day?

Senior Checking Discount on Regal Cinemas

Forget about waiting for a specific day to use your senior discount. At Regal Cinemas, discounts are available daily! Yes, you heard it right. Regal Cinemas’ senior discount is available every day, allowing you to save whenever you decide to treat yourself to a movie, even at recliner locations.

And if you’re worried about any exceptions or restrictions, let us put your mind at ease. There are no specific exceptions to the daily senior discount at Regal Cinemas. This means seniors can benefit from reduced pricing every time they step into a Regal Cinema theater, thanks to the Regal Entertainment Group.

Plus, with the senior discounts applicable for all movie showings, you can pick any movie, any time, any day, and enjoy the silver screen at a bargain.

Senior Cinema Tickets Offer Discounted Rates for Older Adults

Senior ticket pricing at movie theaters provides discounted rates for older patrons, usually starting between ages 60-65. Senior cinema tickets reduce the cost of attending weekday matinees and evening shows, making theaters more affordable.

Senior Discounts Often Start Between Ages 60-65

Most movie theater chains like AMC and Regal offer senior ticket discounts starting at age 60 or 65. So customers in their 60s can present ID at the box office to receive reduced pricing on regular movie tickets. Discount eligibility age may vary by location.

Save Money by Attending Cheap Cinema Days

To save big at the movies, take advantage of weekly cheap cinema days like $5 Tuesdays. Many national chains run major discounts on traditionally slower days midweek. By planning theater trips on discounted cinema days, you can see the latest films on the big screen for lower prices.

Regal Premiere E-Tickets Allow Express Box Office Access

Regal Premiere movie tickets purchased online allow express access to theaters. E-ticketing options skip lines so film lovers can select seats right from their phones and head straight inside to enjoy movies sooner and more conveniently.

AMC Stubs A-List Vs. Regal Unlimited Comparison

BOGO Cinema Deals Offer 2-for-1 Movie Tickets

Running regular promotions like buy one, get one free ticket nights is a great way for movie theaters to boost midweek attendance. BOGO deals essentially halve the cost for moviegoers by allowing the purchase of one cinema ticket to include a free additional ticket.

Discounted $5 Tuesdays Drive Increased Traffic

Historically, the slowest day for moviegoing falls on Tuesdays inside theater chains. By instituting $5 pricing on all Tuesday tickets, cinemas incentivize substantially more film fans to turn out, resulting in a major uptick in concession sales on a normally dormant day.

Daily Delights: Everyday Discounts for Seniors

Regal Cinemas has a special treat for seniors every day. With senior admission discounted by $1 to $4 per ticket, you can watch your favorite movies without worrying about the costs. What’s more, special deals for seniors are available during weekdays, giving you more reasons to frequent the cinema.

But wait, there’s more! The everyday senior discount at Regal Cinemas applies to all movies and showtimes. You can enjoy your favorite actors and stories at a fraction of the cost, any time of the day. With everyday discounts reaching up to 20%, every day is a day to celebrate at the movies!

Join the Club: Benefits of Regal Crown Club Membership

A senior person receiving a Regal Crown Club membership card

If you’re a film enthusiast and a regular at Regal Cinemas, joining the Regal Crown Club could significantly enhance your experience. This club offers an exciting array of benefits, including:

  • Rewards such as free popcorn, drinks, concessions upsize vouchers, and movie admission tickets that are automatically loaded onto your Club Card
  • The option to enroll in the Unlimited Subscription Program to watch unlimited movies for a monthly or annual fee
  • A special birthday gift

Getting into the Regal Crown Club is incredibly straightforward. You can register your physical Crown Club card online, through the Regal app, or at the in-theatre kiosks. With all these perks at your disposal, who wouldn’t want to be a Regal Crown Club member and be part of this exclusive club?

More Ways to Save Money at Regal Cinemas

Although the senior discount is a fantastic deal, there are more ways to save at Regal Cinemas. Here are some additional ways to save:

  • Keep an eye out for promotions online
  • Catch a matinee showing
  • Sign up for the Regal Crown Club membership to enjoy benefits such as earning credits to receive movie rewards and gaining access to exclusive movie deals and discounts.

Current online promotions at Regal Cinemas are also a great way to save. From a Birthday Gift perk to the Regal Unlimited program, there’s always something special for you. And don’t forget the concession stand promotions! Enjoy fantastic discounts on snacks and drinks, earn points towards free movie tickets, and get special discounts on candy on certain days of the week. It’s all about enhancing your movie experience while keeping your wallet happy!

Matinee Magic: Save More with Early Showtimes

In this case, the early bird not only catches the worm but also the best movie deals! Regal Cinemas offers matinee pricing starting between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm and ending between 3:30 pm and 6:00 pm. This means you can enjoy your favorite movies at discounted rates during these hours. But do remember to check with your local theater for the specific timing as it can vary depending on location and market.

What’s more, you can combine the matinee discount with the senior discount at Regal Cinemas for maximum savings. With the senior discount offering up to 30% off ticket prices for moviegoers who are 60 years and older, you can maximize your savings by taking advantage of both discounts at the same time. So why wait? Grab your popcorn and enjoy the matinee magic!

Tips for Maximizing Your Movie Experience

At Regal Cinemas, movie-watching goes beyond just the screen. The cinema is equipped with a variety of accessibility features, such as:

  • Closed captions
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Descriptive video services for guests with hearing or vision impairments
  • Reserved seating labeled with the wheelchair symbol for guests with disabilities.

For a more laid-back experience at Regal Cinemas, consider catching a show on weekdays or during the early hours. Avoid holidays and movie release days, and plan your visit in advance by checking the theater’s schedule. With these tips, you’re all set for a memorable and enjoyable movie-going experience.

The Fine Print: Understanding Regal’s Ticket Purchase Process

Understanding the ticket purchasing process can indeed make your movie experience more seamless. You can easily purchase tickets for Regal Cinemas online by visiting their website or through their mobile app. Do note that there is a non-refundable convenience fee charged for online or mobile app purchases, but the convenience of online booking makes it worth it.

Regal Cinemas also offers refunds under certain circumstances. If you need to refund a ticket, just make sure to have the physical ticket handy. The Floor staff will assist you in reaching out to a manager to process the refund. However, keep in mind that convenience fees for online or mobile app purchases are non-refundable. For complete terms and conditions for movie ticket purchases, you can visit the Regal Cinemas website.

Additional Savings Beyond the Silver Screen

The opportunities for savings extend beyond Regal Cinemas. Other movie theaters in California also offer senior discounts, such as:

  • Landmark Theatres
  • Cinemark, which has Senior Day discounts with tickets as low as $6.00
  • Harkins Theatres, which offers $1.00 to $3.00 off regular ticket prices for seniors.

And if you’re looking for savings beyond the silver screen, you’re in luck! There are plenty of entertainment venues in California that offer senior discounts, catering to a variety of interests. Some examples include:

  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Car rental companies
  • Popular attractions like state parks and museums

Senior citizens can explore a wide range of businesses offering senior discounts.


In conclusion, Regal Cinemas truly rolls out the red carpet for seniors, offering them a range of discounts and benefits. With the senior discount, Regal Crown Club membership, matinee pricing, and more, seniors can truly make the most of their movie-going experience. So, whether it’s a weekday matinee or a weekend blockbuster, remember, at Regal Cinemas, every day is a discount day for seniors!

FAQs for Regal Cinemas Senior Discount

What is the definition of a senior at Regal?

At Regal, seniors are defined as adults aged 60 and over who can purchase special tickets for certain shows. They must be accompanied by someone over 18, and no one under 18 is allowed admission.

How old is a senior cinema ticket?

Senior tickets are available for adults 60 years and older, so the age for a senior cinema ticket is 60.

What days are movie tickets cheapest?

Take advantage of Value Days on Tuesday to enjoy the cheapest movie tickets all day long – except when holidays fall on a Tuesday!

Why do senior citizens pay less for movie tickets than non-seniors?

Theatre owners recognize that seniors often have fixed incomes and need to be careful with their budgets, so they offer discounted movie tickets specifically for them. By doing so, the demand from seniors for movies is encouraged, which benefits both parties.

How can I obtain an AARP card to qualify for the senior discount at Regal Cinemas?

It’s easy to get your AARP membership and enjoy the senior discount at Regal Cinemas – simply sign up on their website at

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